A Broken Camarilla – Work so Far


The Camarilla story so far…

Having been trained to University level in creative music production, I have worked on a variety of projects so far in my music career. The stand out for me is my beloved A Broken Camarilla.

This project has consisted of numerous trials and tribulations but has been ultimately rewarding and has created a sound that is going from strength to strength as it naturally develops.

Below I will offer a selection of tracks that were written (music only, lyrics curtesy of E.V.I. & Ceeow), produced and engineered by myself. Alternatively check out the Soundcloud here.


Kung Pow is a fun track and a bit of a weird instrumental. I suppose you can say this was created with no purpose than to be a bit fun and to get the crowd going at our live shows!

The New Continental is a slightly  experimental track. Again it was great fun producing this and I thought the vocals combined seamlessly with the beat. This tune was also featured by Wonderland Magazine in their Premier feature

Sail for a long time has been our end of the night song, beautifully simplistic, and big in its minimalistic style. Definitely one to get the lighters in the air and the hands swaying!

One love is a good fun song, and was good fun to produce. the simplicity of the music with the intensity of the percussion creates a unique balance that has been rode perfectly by the accompanying vocals.

A track initially intended for a solo project, ‘Ashes’ is a wonderfully compiled story that takes you on a light and floaty journey, with a relatable message. Check the video for ashes HERE

The very first song written and produced with A Broken Camarilla by Myself. A Broken Cypher encapsulates the whole ‘A Broken’ brand in a mere 3 minutes & 37 seconds


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